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Paul is a specialist in casino acquisition appraisal, new project appraisal, operational delivery and licence application processes.

A specialist in project / acquisition appraisal, licence application processes and operational delivery, Paul has spent 30 years in betting and gaming in multiple sectors. His focus of late has been the casino sector, where he has worked from dealer to MD level, and as a consultant for the last 13 years. Paul has been employed as a consultant in 5 of the last 7 independent casino launches to take place in the UK.

Paul is well placed to assist any operator considering entering the UK casino market, having been Rank Group's project appraisal specialist in the past, and additionally been involved in the opening of 11 UK casino operations. From writing the original business plan through to co-ordinating stakeholders across the design and execution process and then managing the operation from ramp up to opening and beyond, Paul's experience of all phases of the process ensures consistency throughout.

Additionally, Paul has significant experience of licence application processes, having been the designated casino specialist for 5 of the local councils involved in the 2005 Gambling Act licence award process (Stratford, Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton, Great Yarmouth and Bath). He wrote applications in three of the other licence competitions (two of which were the winnings bids, Leeds and Middlesbrough, missing out in Southampton), meaning he was involved in all but two of the processes.

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