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About Us

Gaming’s ‘go to’ site for executive talent

After stepping down from my role as Senior Advisor to the Gauselmann Group  I found myself being asked on a regular basis for contacts and advice on a range of issues – in  particular the availability of experienced industry professionals to fulfil knowledge gaps and specific short term or non-exec requirements.

A trusted central hub

It quickly became clear that there existed demand for a central hub or resource of experienced industry professionals who are available either individually, or in small (‘Tiger’) teams to undertake bespoke pieces of work, provide expert advice and executive support on a consultancy basis.

Specialist Consultancies

Similarly, there are numerous specialist agencies who can provide other forms of support, whether that’s licensing, compliance, design, branding, PR, or mystery shopping.

The Spray Lakes Way

Whilst the commercial relationship between a Spray Lakes consultant and the employing third party will be a discrete and separate relationship and not underwritten by TSC,  I will always be on hand to lend advice or support if needed 24/7, which, in my opinion, is the only way to operate.
Spray Lakes will be the ‘go to’ site for the industry and I will personally curate the pool of talent that will comprise the Spray Lakes community

Screenshot 2022-10-03 132955.png

Nick Harding


In his four decades in the gambling sector Nick has worked across multiple industry verticals from betting to bingo, single site to seaside attractions and arcades to adult gaming centres.

He has led corporate transactions with a value of £500m, grown businesses both organically and by acquisition, launched new ventures, developed CSR initiatives and taken leadership roles in trade associations and representative bodies.

In a stellar career he has held senior positions with organisations including Coral, Bass, Rank Group, Gauselmann, Bacta, Bingo Association and EUROMAT. He also formed and launched the Gambling Business Group and iGBBA – which was subsequently subsumed into the Betting and Gaming Council.

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