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Jason Frost is the current President of the Euromat organisation and is a past President of Bacta. He is an experienced Casino Executive who now runs his own UK gaming business in parallel with a significant UK Compliance verification business.

Jason Frost is a born communicator, confident at both ends of the spectrum, from the lady who gambles one of his own UK arcades to the Billionaire owner of a Forbes 200 company. He is a natural public speaker who can hold an audience and who rarely refers to his notes. This confidence and ability to communicate is what sets him apart and allows him to really drill down into businesses and projects, to understand the dynamics swiftly and to then advise on the best way to address the perceived issues.

The son of an English Showman early in his career Jason was recruited as Operations Director for an International Cruise ship Casino business which took him round the globe many times operating shipboard casinos. Managing a live casino miles out in the Pacific ocean is challenging at the best of times and it breeds an ability to address problems quickly and independently, this is something Jason has brought with him into his own businesses in the UK and which is now available for hire through the Spray Lakes Consultancy.

In addition to operating his own gaming arcades Jason is also the founder and CEO of CheckPolicy™, a business that provides Mystery Shopping and Compliance checks to both UK Gaming operators and also to some other sections of the UK hospitality business. His team is now focussed on expanding this service into Europe.

As a former Bacta President (and now Trustee) and as the current President of Euromat (which represents land based gambling trade associations across Europe) Jason is comfortable with addressing Gambling related issues in many jurisdictions, with dealing with operators and regulators in those jurisdictions and in navigating choppy diplomatic waters in order to reach resolutions for the businesses that he represents. He is well known in Westminster and Brussels and is on first name terms with many politicians. His own black book of contacts is enviable and can be used to open doors and forge contacts for Companies that need advice at that level. Jason is of course fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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