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Gambling consultancy heads to the Americas

Spray Lakes Consultancy, the digital hub for the gaming industry, has confirmed that it is expanding its geographical reach to North and Latin America.

Spray Lakes provides hiring companies with access to a rich talent pool of C-level executives and specialist gambling industry providers.
The brainchild of Nick Harding, who in a 40-year industry career has led corporate transactions with a value of £500m, Spray Lakes has accelerated its expansion plans following demand and feedback from the market.
Harding explained: “As awareness of Spray Lakes and the services we are offering to the industry spreads following our launch in May, we began to get requests from sections of the business looking to expand not only in Europe but also into other international markets where operators and suppliers were struggling to a greater degree in order to get projects off the ground.
“We identified Latin America as a key region in which companies were experiencing significant problems simply because they did not have access to the right calibre of people who knew both the market and the industry. Having one but not the other can lull organisations into a false sense of security and ultimately end-up costing enormous sums of money.
“Not having access to the right people with the right experience or alternatively thinking that successful expansion programmes can be achieved using existing resource frequently jeopardises the entire project.” He added: “As well as providing C-level executives with specialist knowledge of a region, Spray Lakes has the ability to put together a team of vetted experts, who can go into a business wherever it’s based, analyse it, report to stakeholders and if necessary, pick up the reins and run that operation.
The website also features a dedicated section for service providers to the industry with links to law firms, accountants, compliance providers, security providers, designers – in-fact the full gamut of specialisms a business could require. Ultimately, it’s all about delivering one stop shopping for relevant expertise.”

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