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About us

Spray Lakes is a specialist hub dedicated to satisfying the business needs of the gambling industry in Europe and North and South America. It provides companies with a talent pool of vetted C-Level consultants as well as direct access to a smorgasbord of specialist gambling industry services and advisors. It’s also a digital market-place for buyers and sellers. So, if you are a consultant looking for the next challenge, an organisation in need of a replacement CFO, or you’re a business owner seeking an exit strategy simply bookmark the Spray lakes site.


The Spray Lakes talent pool features C-Level Executives and specialist consultancies all of whom have a track record of excellence gained working in the gambling space. Click on the map or below to identify the Spray Lakes consultants with knowledge of your target jurisdictions.

Businesses active in the international gambling industry draw on a range of specialist skills and talents with a number of key functions mandated by regulators.

Spray Lakes will reflect these characteristics and to be listed on the site consultants and consultancies are required to provide two professional references and demonstrate a track record of best practice.

Our Clients


Amuse 2016 Ltd

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