Who we’re looking for
We are not insisting on people with a long list of qualifications, which as we all know have a short half-life. Spray Lakes Consultancy only wants to represent experienced people who can add real value to an organisation by drawing on that experience and applying it, in a low key but compelling way. Hiring organisations may only want you for a day, or they may be looking for a potential NED - either way they will want individuals who can make a difference.

How we work
There will be no pressure to take any or all of the work that may come your way through Spray Lakes. The Consultancy will be operated as a conduit for third parties looking for assistance: once the connection is made the ball’s in your court.

Spray Lake fees will be 7% of what you earn in year one of your relationship with a client and 3% in year two. After that we will have no further involvement. It’s not our intention to route payments to you through Spray Lakes- or to help in debt collection.

Trust and integrity are central to the Spray Lakes brand. We operate on the basis of openness in terms of you declaring to us what you have earned. Trust is important to us and will define our relationship on an ongoing basis. Everything you share with us will be in the strictest confidence.

Next Steps
Drop me an email - describe your last three roles in detail, and explain how you learnt and then developed as an executive as a result of your experience in each of these roles. Talk about your own network and whether you have been involved with trade associations/regulators or have worked directly with government officials in any capacity. If everything fits and we both feel comfortable we can raise a glass to the start of a mutually beneficial relationship!


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