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Jack Manzoor is a seasoned Commercial Manager who in an extensive career has worked across a wide range of commercial sectors in the UK and Europe.
These include Commercial Radio, Vertical Farming (AgTech), Mobile (App Marketing Agency) and on-line Sports betting.
This diverse multidisciplinary experience means that Jack is very adept at understanding the granular aspects of any business and then defining and agreeing with the shareholders what the key issues are.
Depending on the brief Jack is able to either personally lead the in-house team in addressing these issues, or can work with stakeholders to hire the right people for the job.Most recently he hired and then led the team that built an innovative software system for a skill based football betting product and created the organisational structure to transpose the system into a commercial proposition in two European jurisdictions.
At Capital Radio he implemented one the largest commercial radio mergers between Capital Radio and GWR and as Sales and Marketing Director for GCap he integrated a further six radio stations across two companies leading the integration of the teams and defining the new commercial agenda for the business.
At Future Crops in the Netherlands he was hired to conduct a root and branch analysis of the business model that included financials, production processes, sales and marketing strategies and team dynamics. He then agreed and implemented a new business strategy that reduced the cash burn and improved crop yields while also growing the Future Crops customer base into Belgium and France.
In working with client businesses Jack adopts a Kaizen approach underpinned by his belief in coaching that focuses on learning. His style is one of a leader and nurturer with the aim of leaving the business with a management team that is fit for purpose.

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