We encourage our consultants to take a long-term perspective regarding fees on the basis that if you get your pricing right you will in time grow your business and everyone stays happy.

We don’t seek to influence how much Consultants charge for their services. 

We will not negotiate on rates that we charge to promote Consultants or Businesses, but we will listen if anyone has a proposal for adjustments to future rates.

Our rates are therefore as follows: 
Consultants charge you either hourly, daily or weekly fees by negotiation.

We charge Consultants:
•  £100 registration fee (to cover Business cards and admin).
•  7% of work obtained from third parties through Spray Lakes in year one of their relationship with their clients.
•  3% of work obtained from third party clients in year two of the relationship. Nothing further.
•  Consultants will be encouraged to publish at least one ‘Blog’ on the Spray Lakes web site each year.

The same fee scale applies to NED positions gained through Spray Lakes.

Businesses for sale

Preparation of an advertisement are the responsibility of the vendor although Spray Lakes have consultants able to carry out this work for an agreed fee.



Once an advertisement is placed on the Spray Lakes site, and if a purchaser is sourced through the web site then on completion of the sale a fee representing 2% of the sale price will be payable to Spray Lakes.


Situations vacant

Up to 250 word advertisements can be placed and run for six months for a flat fee of £250.


Other professional services

Lawyers, accountants and any other individual or business that is interested in advertising its services on the Spray Lakes web site can do so for zero cost for the first six months. Rates for advertising thereafter will be communicated in due course.